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When You Drive Please Keeping Pets Safe in Cars

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Many people think of a pet as a member of the family, and we take our pets everywhere! Whether it’s going to take a break, whether we drive them to a park in the park to run and play, or perhaps a path to a veterinarian for inspection – many furry travelers like to ride!

Ferocious and free pets within the vehicle can become deadly distraction for drivers. Additionally, untreated pets can become very dangerous during accidents or dangerous driving disturbances. Without proper restraint, a simple joyride with your four-legged friend could result in harsh consequences for everyone.

Summer and pet’s in car

Summer is here and for us that means trips to the park or the beach playing, or just going to ride on the road to catch little fresh air.  If you plan to bring your furry friends with you for the ride, please remember some simple safety tips for keeping your animal, and yourself, safe.  It is best to restrain your animal while they are in drive with you, this vile  protects you from the distraction of a pet roaming around your car, and also keeps them safer in case of an accident.  It is recommended that you put smaller animals, like cats or rabbits, in a carrying case in the back seat of your car.  You can also restrain dogs this way, or there are many seat belt restraint options online for your dog, allowing them to still enjoy fresh air from the car window while also keeping them safer during an accident.

If you plan to be traveling or outside with your pet on a warm day, remember to bring plenty of water and some extra food along.  Your pet can easily overheat in the warm weather.  Lastly, remember that cars heat up quickly, even with the windows cracked.  Please do not leave pets unattended in your car in the summer heat.

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