Don’t Make These 11 Mistakes When Getting A Tesla

YouTuber and Tesla owner Ryan Shaw recently went over a number of common mistakes you can make when buying a Tesla. A useful guide for potential Tesla owners, his list was as follows:

(1) Buying Too Much Range…

Often people buy the Tesla with the most range, for example opting for the Long Range Model 3 over the RWD. If you have home charging and don’t have to commute far, doing so doesn’t necessarily make the most sense.

(2) …And Buying Too Little Range

The opposite of the above, if you live in an apartment and / or have a long daily commute you may want to buy a Tesla with a lot of range. This also matters if you roadtrip frequently and don’t want to spend a lot of time at Superchargers.

(3) Buying The Wrong Wheels

With entry-level wheels you get more range and better ride quality. With larger wheels you pay more, get harsher ride quality and less range – only handling and aesthetics are improved.

(4) Buying FSD

Pretty self explanatory, as it is $12,000 for FSD is simply not worth it. The base Autopilot that comes as standard is more than sufficient for most, and by the time FSD can reach its full potential you’ll likely have sold the car.

(5) Putting Off Ordering

Prices are constantly increasing meanwhile delivery times are getting pushed back due to ongoing supply chain issues.

(6) Not Planning Ahead For Charging

Plan your trips, and make sure you have adequate home charging or know where your nearby chargers are if you live in an apartment.

(7) Buying A Performance Model So You’ll Get The Car Delivered Sooner

Wait times for Performance models are much less. But if you don’t care about the added pace and power don’t order it – you’ll just end up paying more for less range and a harsher ride.

(8) Avoiding White Seats Because You Think They’ll Be Hard To Clean

The white seats look great and require much less maintenance than you’d expect.

(9) Not Checking For Local Incentives

Most states have local EV rebates and incentives. Be sure to check for what you qualify for to help save as much as possible.

(10) Not Inspecting The Car On Delivery

Tesla is still a relatively new company and various fit and finish issues can occur, so be sure to give your car a good look over when taking delivery.

(11) Not Having The Right Cover & Accessories

Many third party companies are notorious for overcharging for insurance on Teslas. Tesla now offers their own insurance in some states, which is great. Also make sure you have the right cover to avoid hefty payouts. Finally, accessories like a screen protector and all-weather car mats are great options to add.

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