Delphi’S new autonomous tech spin-off is Aptiv

Delphi, the greatest automotive supplier, is now divided into two companies. Powertrain division is becoming Delphi Technologies and the rest of the business will have new name – Aptiv. According to Delphi, Aptiv will focus on “the ‘brain’ and the ‘nervous system’ of the vehicle.”

Kevin Clark will serve as Aptiv’s CEO

Delphi’s Electronics & Safety and Electrical/Electronic Architecture divisions Aptiv will inherit. It will be involved a lot in autonomous driving technology. In addition, Aptiv will work on higher safety and next-gen user experiences and services. Kevin Clark, leader of Delphi till the separation, will serve as Aptiv’s CEO.

“The vehicle has evolved and so have we,” Clark said in a release. “We have expanded upon our heritage of industry firsts with advanced software capabilities and deep systems integration expertise, enabling us to develop intelligent solutions to meet mobility’s toughest challenges. The future demands executional excellence, and this is where Aptiv thrives. The name ‘Aptiv’ reflects knowledge, adaptiveness and drive. Also well as an ability to not only envision the future, but to make it real.”

Delphi was busy making partnerships with other companies to make future technologies. It was mostly revolving around autonomous vehicles before it become Aptiv. At the begining of this year, Delphi partnered with BMW, Intel, and Mobileye. They will work on an autonomous car platform. Platform that any producer can take instead of making one from the ground up. Recently also partnered with a company named Transdev to produce autonomous taxis.

With all the new technologie, Aptiv wil become another big player in the autonomous car world. There should be change of the name.That subject will be discussed at a meeting to be held on November 7.

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