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China has unveiled the Maglev train, the fastest land vehicle in the world

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China on Tuesday introduced the high-speed maglev train (short for magnetic levitation), which is capable of developing a speed of 600 kilometers per hour, state media reported.

The maximum speed makes this train, which China itself developed and produced in the city of Qingdao on the coast, the fastest land vehicle in the world, according to Chinese media. Maglev trains hover a short distance from the rails, using magnets that create lift and thrust.

China has been using this technology for almost two decades but to a very limited extent. So Shanghai has a maglev train that connects one airport with that city. So far, there are no long-distance maglev lines in China that would use the benefits of that technology, but some cities, including Shanghai and Chengdu, have started research in that direction.

At a speed of 600 km / h, the train would take only 2.5 hours to travel from Beijing to Shanghai, and it is a distance of more than a thousand kilometers. By comparison, traveling by plane would take three hours, and by high-speed train 5.5 hours.

Maglev trains are the future and many countries from Japan to Germany plan to build maglev railway networks, which for now is hampered by the high costs of such technology and the mismatch with the existing infrastructure.

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