When Tesla launched their phenomenal Model S back in 2013, it was the first mass-market all-electric car. As well as the continuous software improvements, the latest Model S vehicles have benefited from significant hardware improvements since its launch. Boasting big range and jaw-dropping (and neck bothering) performance, you could make a strong case that the Model S is the finest (electric) car ever made. The below guide shows data ranges for the current Tesla Model S variants available, specs will depend on your selected configuration.


Charging time for a Tesla Model S

The table below shows the estimated time to charge your Tesla Model S from empty to full. For rapid charging we show the time to charge from 20% – 80%, as charging tends to slow outside this range to protect the battery.

Charging method Typically found at Charging time* Range/hour**
Empty to full
3-pin plug Home 33 – 44 h 8 m/h
3.7kW Home / Work 21 – 27 h 12 – 13 m/h
7kW Home / Work / Public Locations 11 – 15 h 23 – 24 m/h
22kW Work / Public Locations 5 – 6 h 54 – 56 m/h
50kW Public Locations 60 – 80 min 82 – 85 m/30 min
150kW Public Locations 30 min 167 – 246 m/30 min

* Based on Pod Point estimates, charging rates can differ based on the ambient temperature, the state of the battery (e.g. empty or half full) and variation in charging rate.
** Range per hour is the number of miles you can expect to get from an hour of charging at the relevant rate.