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British firm presents Jaguar E-Type restomod with 6.1-liter V-12

The Jaguar E-Type is arguably one of the prettiest cars to ever built, but the final-generation Series 3 is often overlooked for earlier examples. This E-Type Series 3 restomod may change that perception. E-Type UK, a British firm specializing in E-Type restorations, completely reworked this 1974 E-Type Series 3 and turned it into a beauty. The firm added a

UK car sales fall, as Jaguar Land Rover issues hard Brexit warning

The U.K's two-year-old referendum that resulted in the historic decision to leave the European Union is continuing to trouble automakers with operations in the country, and the last 24 months have hardly produced less uncertainty over what it means for their businesses. The financial futures of those automakers with significant assembly operations in the U.K.

Electric Jaguar E-Type for the royals at the wedding

The Royal wedding car that Prince Harry and Meghan left Windsor Castle in Jaguar Classic’s all-electric E-type. Jaguars all production vehicles will be electric by 2020. The royal wedding car driven away from Windsor was Jaguar Classic’s electric ‘E-type Zero‘ The E-type Zero is based on a 1968 Series E-type, which at some point in its

Jaguar XK is maybe coming back?

Before the perfectly proportioned Jaguar F-Type made its debut, the XK coupe was one of the best looking cars on the planet. Tough too -- I was rear-ended in an XKR a few years ago and can honestly say even with a flat tire and bent rim, it still gave chase to a hit-and-run drunk driver. The

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