Tesla Model X

California: Tesla Model X is on fire

After speeding and crashing into a garage, this Tesla Model X later caught fire

Old case but new questions?! This fire occurred back in 2017.

However, this new video shows for the first time what occurred after the Model X was moved to outside of the garage.

Unlike a gas-powered car fire, an electric vehicle fire may start long after a collision.

This was the case when this speeding Tesla Model X driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a residential garage. There may have been no fire at all, however, if there was a spark, an immediate explosion could have occurred.

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Electric car fires are difficult to extinguish. While they may take some time to start and the process can be slow, dealing with a battery fire requires a significant amount of water and time. – according to Insideevs

Tesla Model X Fire (Lake Forest, California)

At 6:15 pm on August 25th, 2017 a man in his mid-30s driving a Tesla Model X lost control of his car and crashed into the garage of a single-family, single-story home, taking out a load-bearing beam and starting a raging fire.

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