Cadillac offering first factory dash cam

Dash cameras have quickly become a more-popular aftermarket purchase for many drivers, but Cadillac has made its first move to integrate the technology from the factory. With the reveal of the 2019 Cadillac CT6 V-Sport on Wednesday, the luxury brand announced the Surround Vision Recorder as an available feature on the 2018 CT6.

The driver also has to enable the system

The system isn’t exactly on par with aftermarket dash cams, but it does nail many of the basics. The Surround Vision Recorder will record either a front or a rear view while driving, not both, though the driver can change the view on the fly. The driver also has to enable the system, or select the system to operate by default upon start-up.

One thing the aftermarket has on Cadillac’s system is location and GPS functionality. The Surround Vision Recorder will not include such information.

Additionally, footage that system captures you can most easily view it inside the car on the infotainment screen. The owner must remove the SD card from trunk to play the footage on another device. The system will also record from either side of the vehicle if the alarm system is enabled and the alarm sounds. The side-mirror cameras will not record while driving.

“When the vehicle is locked and the alarm is triggered it will instantly turn on to record what’s going on around the vehicle to provide insight into what’s happening,” a Cadillac spokesperson said.

The system will record five videos, five-minutes long on the SD card. After that, the Surround Vision Recorder system automatically overwrites the oldest file.

The Surround Vision Recorder comes standard on the CT6 Premium Luxury and Platinum models. That’s why there is no optional pricing at this time.

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