BYD Announced Pre-Sale Prices Of Han, Tang And Atto 3

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BYD has announced the pre-sale prices of the three all-electric models – Han, Tang and Atto 3, which soon will be available in select European markets.

The Chinese company intends to offer the Atto 3 from €38,000 ($37,000), while than Han and Tang will be available from €72,000 ($70,000).

The prices are only a reference for the German market and may differ in other European markets, according to the press release. Moreover, the prices might be slightly adjusted in the near future, as the final market pricing and vehicle specifications will be announced at the Paris Motor Show in October 2022.

The trio of all-electric BYDs for Europe:

Atto 3 (in China known as Yuan Plus) – C-segment crossover/SUV
Han – sleek and sporty electric E-segment sedan
Tang – 7-seater family SUV

To encourage customers to buy a BYD, the company will offer an eight-year battery warranty.

BYD says that, initially, its electric cars will be available in seven countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

Before the end of this year, two more countries will join the list: France and the UK, which brings us to a total of nine countries.

BYD already announced that, after that, more dealers will be appointed to support the expansion plant to cover all major markets in Europe.

BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu said:

“Europe is the birthplace of the auto-industry and has a strong spirit of innovation. Europeans are making a concerted effort to accelerate the transformation of automobile electrification, with Europe representing the main driving market for the advancement of new energy vehicles. As such, we are pleased that BYD can now grow electric car adoption simultaneously with the local markets. We look forward to working together with respected European dealers and industry partners to create high-end quality products with green technology, and bring diversified choices and experiences to more consumers.’’

With really interesting models and high ambitions to expand outside of China, BYD has a chance to become a noticeable player in Europe.

It will be very interesting to see whether consumers will consider BYD compelling enough to place an order. Long queues for many other EVs might help to make the decision.


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