Bugatti CEO; Next HyperCar Will Be Hybrid

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When Bugatti was merged with Rimac’s hypercar business late last year to form the new company Bugatti Rimac, we’re sure many assumed that Bugatti would simply develop a replacement for the Chiron based on Rimac’s 1,914-hp Nevera electric hypercar.

It turns out Rimac CEO and founder Mate Rimac, who is tasked with running the new Bugatti Rimac, doesn’t want any of that. Speaking with Automotive News (subscription required) in an interview published last week, he said the next Bugatti will still have an internal-combustion but be heavily electrified.

“When people see the next-generation Bugatti, I think they will be surprised that I was pushing for something like that because people associate me with electric cars,” he said. “Considering the brand and the customers and the technology available, I think that we are developing the best possible solution for Bugatti, which is not an electric car today. It will be one day, but not today.”

Rimac also said he will develop future Bugattis on a smaller budget than what was previously required. He explained that this will be made possible by developing more parts in-house, like he did with the Nevera.

Rimac and his team still has some years before a Chiron replacement needs to arrive. Although the company has sold all build slots for the Chiron and a planned track car known as the Bolide, the slow rate at which the cars are built means Bugatti’s factory will be busy right up until 2025.

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