BMW’s newest M5 will receive Competition Package

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Roundel fans have a lot to be happy about these days. Especially those that pine for a bit of the old BMW magic that used to float around when the automaker was churning out top-notch sport sedan and coupes.

Bavaria’s best certainly seems to be reminding itself of its former tagline

People will argue both sides of the fence as to whether BMW is doing enough of that today, but you can’t deny that Bavaria’s best certainly seems to be reminding itself of its former tagline. To that end, we’re excited to learn that the recently revealed 2018 M5 is going to come out swinging with some sweet upgrades.

Motor1 has learned from BMW’s person in charge of large cars, Andy Cook, that a Competition Package is being prepped for the super sedan. In standard form, the all-wheel-drive-equipped 4-door makes 600 horsepower from a 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V-8. If you need to go a bit faster, you’ll be able to spend some extra coin to upgrade to the more sporting package.

No, you likely won’t see more juice from the engine but you will find a host of goodies under the skin elsewhere. That means you’re likely to find a firmer ride, grabbier brakes, and some more dynamic, uh, driving dynamics. According to Cook, the grabbier brakes will be courtesy of carbon-ceramic units, currently a $10,000 option on the M5.

Of course our favorite feature is the ability to ditch that all-wheel-drive setup with the press of a button. It returns the car to its oversteer happy nature by sending powers solely to the rear meats. Thankfully, this comes standard.

With all this talk of performance BMW models, we can only hope that a more hardcore CS or even CSL version is in the works as well. They would be expensive, but they would also be incredible.

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