Bentley preparing its all-electric SUV

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All biggest world automakers are trying to stay in the market race with lineups including electric cars. No matter that they already producing all-electric cars such Tesla, or they just about to start production like Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, and others. If we are not talking about the vehicles for buyers who tries to get something more economic, but the batteries are now so developed and providing really wide range of driving in one charge. On the other hand the price of the battery packs is not so high anymore that it can be used of the luxury cars that competing the with internal combustion engine vehicles.

Among the high class producers is now British Bentley, who is now considering to bring into the production an all-electric SUV. Company is part of the Volkswagen group, and its electric SUV will be helpful for the mother company’s plan tom launch 25 EV-s by 2025.

Bentley plans to introduce its first electric SUV smaller than the Bentayga.

Wolfgang Duerheimer, Bentley CEO, made the announcement in Portugal last week for the launch of the Continental Supersports. Rolf Frech, Bentley’s board member for engineering, said: “If you are looking for such a car [small SUV] then we are looking at the combination with the possibilities to go full electric. It only makes sense if you get really new customers into the brand.”

Since the Bentayga is expensive car, basic price is $230,000 (a bit more than 180,000 £), automaker is planning to stay on the similar final pricing for the new SUV. Overall, the Bentley brand has been delivering over 10,000 total units annually for the VW group, which is a small share of its total production, but all work toward electrification can help the other more popular brands.

Beside Bentley, other brands In the VW group are also preparing release all-electric SUVs in the near future. Among them are Audi with the e-tron Quattro and Porsche with a Cayenne-like SUV using the power-train developed for the Mission E. Lamborghini plans to release a plug-in version of the upcoming Urus.

Even though the Bentley will not release its first Electric vehicles before 2020, other VWs daughter companies will come out with its EV’s at least in next 2-3 years.

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