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2017 Nissan Sentra SR Turbo Dashes IDx Dreams

Turbocharged variant of the unexciting and sensible Sentra is revealed today at Miami International Auto Show. It's pledging a performance version of sedan whisch is known for its repute. Meanwhile, Nissan indicates presenting a hotter NiISMO version very soon, while it's closing the Idx concept forever. The 2017 Sentra SR Turbo is changing the sedan's

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2017 Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid

At the Paris Motor Show, Porche's fourth model in Panamera Line will debut. It'll have an electric range of 31 miles (or 50 kilometres) and a plug-in E-Hybrid with all-wheel drive. The other Volkswagen Group brands will definitely want to get some of Porche's new grab-bag of technology, cause Panamera is more than just a

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Lexus UX concept will have its first show up at the 2016 Paris Motor Show and that seem to be a crossover intended to slot below the NX. After a leaked photo that appeared today on many websites, Lexus had to announce today its show up. Lexus's European Design Center wrote the UX concept, which

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Audi has unveiled the five-door Sportback variant of the A5 and S5 for Europe. Although it isn’t still confirmed, there are some rumors about new 2018 Audi A5 Sportback coming back to U.S., wich would be a first time that we are offering bodystyle on our shores. The A5 Sportback has the front end of the A5 coupe,

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2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee preview

This vehicle is still one of the best options for customers looking for a solid, mid-size SUV with strong off-road credentials, even though the design of Jeep’s current Grand Cherokee hasn’t  changed since it was first shown in 2009. Thanks to its SRT model, The Grand Cherokee is also one of the quickest off-roaders. Its

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Porsche 960 supercar postponed

Porsche wants a bigger piece of supercar market but it may take longer than expected because of scandal for cheating diesel emmisions that is underway. That scandal afflicted Cayenne Diesel so as couple other models from the Volkswagen Group. Held by success of 918 Spyder, Porche wants to fill the gap between the top-end 911s

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Honda and Daido develop high-performance magnet for electric drive

Honda Motor and Daido Electronics have developed a new method for making high-performance magnets - used in motors in electric vehicles and other products – that eliminates the need for rare-earth metals imported from China. The technical breakthrough reduces China supply risk and is described as a first practical application of a "hot deformed neodymium

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Cars & coffee on woodward ave

BIRMINGHAM, MI – Any Ford fan worth their salt knows about Woodward Avenue’s link to Detroit’s automotive industry. But if you think the last time engineers and designers from the Big Three hung out “after hours” to on Woodward was during the Muscle Cars Wars of the late-1960’s to the early-’70’s, then you’d be wrong.

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Lincoln Aviator to Fly Again as Three-Row Crossover

Back before Lincoln confused everyone with its ludicrous, MK-whatever naming scheme, it sold an SUV called the Aviator. The Aviator nameplate sounded cool, it seemed appropriate for a vehicle that was junior to the high-profile Navigator, and it was affixed to what was effectively a gussied-up Ford Explorer. Although the Aviator was more convincingly gussied-up

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Sterling: The time Honda and Rover joined forces to invade U.S.

A scholarly examination of what went wrong for one of these automakers This week's news of the U.K.-built Honda Civic hatchback making its way to the U.S. has rekindled warm and fuzzy memories of the last time British-built Honda tech made its way to our welcoming shores. That's right; we're talking about Sterling and the

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