Audi Q8 concept is coming to 2017 Detroit auto show

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The SUV-as-coupe design ethos s hits again these days with Audi’s promo photo of  Q8. which we will soon be able to see.

Audi only gives us a model of  front end of this concept. We’ll be able to see it whole in January at the auto show in Detroit. As usual when it comes to the most concept cars, we expect the version from production to be fewer aggressive and difficult looking than it is showed in this photo. If the vehicle keeps along the route to the production, it will end up being Audi’s flagship SUV.

Audi is finally getting on the bandwagon of the SUV-coupe

It’s not surprising that Audi is finally getting on the bandwagon of the SUV-coupe. German enemies BMW and Mercedes-Benz have been working hard on selling these weirdly shaped, not practical large vehicles, so Audi wants its part as well.

The Q8’s design parts shoud remind us of the Audi Ur-Quattro, but we’re not convinced yet. This thing is an SUV, after all. The single-frame grille, is gargantuan however. It seems impressively muscular.

These SUV coupes always seem like as they’re in fight with themselves. They aren’t coupes because they are enormous and have four doors. But they’re also not SUVs because almost all of them don’t offer anywhere close to the amount of  typical cargo space of SUVs. That makes your SUV decisively not useful. But German producers keep making them, and ait seems like a few coustomers are buyingit.

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