Audi and Air Bus flying taxi

Audi and Airbus works on Air-Taxi project in Germany

We always thought about flying cars like a long future period. Well, we are here and it us – it’s just wow. Future is here.

Audi, along with Airbus and several government entities, has signed a letter of intent to start the Urban Air Mobility project in Ingolstadt, Germany. No, this isn’t exactly what is in the cartoons abbout flying car, but it’s pretty close.

The concept is displayed earlier this year at the Geneva Motor show. That concept worked by building an electric car that could detach from its motorized base and fly around the city via a quadcopter. The motorized base would need full, Level 5 autonomous driving technology as the system would in a ride-sharing capacity.

We would like to use our know-how to improve urban life, and aim to develop new mobility concepts. Concept that works for cities and people’s various needs with the Urban Air Mobility project.”

“Connected, electric and autonomous cars will make urban traffic more comfortable and cleaner and will save space. That means better quality of life for people in cities. This is where mobility in the third dimension can make a valuable contribution in the future.” – said Bram Schot, interim CEO and Member of the Board of Management for Sales and Marketing at Audi.

As exciting as this sounds, any real-world developments, or mass rollout, is likely years away. Developing this technology to be safe and reliable will take time, money, and significant R&D.

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