As of 2035, Massachusetts bans the sale of new gasoline and diesel engines

The federal state of Massachusetts will ban the sale of new gasoline and diesel engines from 2035. Massachusetts is thus continuing in the footsteps of California, which has also term-sold new cars with SUS engines.

Explaining this decision, Governor Charlie Baker stated that 27% of emissions in that federal-state come from passenger motor vehicles. The ultimate goal is to make Massachusetts carbon neutral by 2050.

If this plan is realized, it is estimated that it will bring savings to the state health system of 295 million dollars a year, because the number of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases among the population will be significantly reduced.

As it is stated, although electric cars are still more expensive than those with SUS engines, the prices of electric vehicles continue to fall and it is expected that they will soon equal the prices of cars with conventional propulsion systems.

It is estimated that to reduce emissions by 45 percent (compared to 1990 levels) by 2030, it will be necessary to have about a million electric cars on the roads of Massachusetts, out of a total of 5.5 million passenger vehicles that will be registered in 2030. in that state.

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