Amazingly lucky guy finds one-off Fiesta ST Detroit show car at local dealership

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The days of auto show vehicles ending up in private ownership seem to be past. Car producers try to keep every cool car right away it leaves the rotating podium. But at times, a one-off falls through the cracks and ends up on the dealership floor. Often in front of buyers totally not aware to its rarity.

Just thing like that happened to Keith from Nashville, who was in the market for a Ford Fiesta ST. He tumbled a very rare example on a website of local dealer. It had a unique bright blue hue and accentuated white-and-black leather Recaro seats with black inserts.

“They don’t make anything like that for the ST,” Keith writes on OppositeLock. “The choices for Recaro seats are either orange and black or gray and black. I thought that perhaps someone had put Focus ST seats in the car, but an image search showed that those didn’t exist either in this particular color combination. In fact, I was not finding anything that looked like the seats in this car.”

Steering wheel had what looked faux-leather trim with contrasting white stitching. That’s one more thing no other Fiesta ST had. He looked for other photos of Fiesta ST steering wheels and found only one other car with that had the same set of options. Car that was presented at the 2015 Detroit auto show. Is this maybe the same Fiesta?

A year before, Ford presented a GT, Mustang GT350R, Focus ST, Fiesta ST and F-150 Raptor truck whole painted in the special liquid-blue color. Ford presented many specially modified cars with peculiar inside trimmings to Detroit that year.

“It was looking like this Nashville car could very well be the auto show car,” Keith writes. “Aside from the obvious unique physical aspects of the interior of the vehicle, the build date shown on the VIN plate in the dealer photo matched up, the CARFAX suggested Ford corporate ownership and delivery mileage on the 18-month-old car indicated a vehicle that was only ever trailered around to auto shows across the nation.”

Keith called the dealership but couldn’t reach a deal before the vehicle was gone on the auction

Keith called the dealership but couldn’t reach a deal before the vehicle was gone on the auction. Even though he had the funds lined up already for a Fiesta ST purchase, that wasn’t the end of the story. He started to own the car a few weeks later after he tracked it down at another dealership.

The conclusion from Keith’s story: If a car has unique color and the chain of ownership lists the producers as the first owner, it is likely to be something special. Something that wassent to auction even though it’s made for an auto show.

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