2024 Buick Encore GX Review

Buick made it clear with the Wildcat EV concept that styling cues from it would start appearing on future products. It turns out the first of them is the refreshed 2024 Encore GX subcompact crossover. And that may seem a little odd to start a revamp of the lineup with the entry-level model, but there is some logic to it.

According to Buick representatives, the Encore GX made sense for a few reasons.

It was due for a refresh regardless, but also it’s the brand’s best seller, one that’s growing and attracting younger buyers.

And as far as refreshes go, the Encore GX’s is pretty substantial. The front end is completely redone with the low, frowning grille of the Wildcat and the glaring LED daytime running lights high up. The rear has been updated with new LED taillights and rear bumper design, too, plus the new Buick logo and word mark placed prominently in the middle of the hatch.


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