2023 Subaru Solterra First Look

You’re looking at the freshly revealed 2023 Subaru Solterra, a long-awaited electric vehicle co-developed with Toyota (whose variant is the bZ4X, which we’ve already seen). After a long series of teasers, the first full glimpse of the Solterra is upon us. Revealed fully in Japanese-market spec, the EV SUV reveals some differences from its Toyota cousin.

The Solterra is close to Subaru’s Forester in size at 184.6 inches long, 73.2 inches wide, and 64.9 inches tall. It’s about 2 inches longer and wider than Subaru’s popular compact crossover, but has a 7 inch longer wheelbase (112.2 inches). That should give the Solterra some additional passenger room, especially in the backseat. Both vehicles are able to seat five.

Underpinning the Solterra and BZ4X is a dedicated EV platform. While development of the platform was spearheaded by Toyota, Subaru was tapped for its expertise in all-wheel-drive systems. Hence, both vehicles will feature the familiar “X-Mode” terrain selector for AWD models. Subaru has branded its version of the platform the e-Subaru Global Platform, or eSGP for short. Toyota calls its version the e-TNGA.

Announced powertrain and battery specs match those of the Toyota. Each features a 71.4 kwh battery pack and buyers will be able to choose from a front-wheel-drive powertrain with 201 hp or an all-wheel-drive setup with 214 hp. We aren’t sure a FWD version of the Subaru will make it to the U.S.; that’d be some sort of small heresy. Subaru didn’t mention acceleration or top speed figures, but we know the BZ4X offers 0-62 mph acceleration times of 8.4 seconds with FWD and 7.7 seconds with AWD. Expect similar for the Subaru.

Range is an estimated 329 miles (FWD) or 286 miles (AWD) on the Japanese cycle. Expect lower figures when measured by the EPA. Subaru also didn’t specify charging details, but once again we can infer from the Toyota that charging at up to 150 kilowatts is possible, which will enable an 80% charge in 30 minutes. The Solterra will also offer a roof-mounted solar panel, a feature that will also be offered on the BZ4X in some markets.

Inside, the two vehicles once again look very similar with the same upholstered dashboard and large touchscreen that sits atop a flowing center console that swoops up to the top of the dash. An elevated digital instrument panel sits behind the steering wheel; Subaru did not mention any yoke wheel availability

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