2017 BMW 5-Series first drive review

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Middle child of BMW always had problems with identity.

Repetitions of the 5-series had their moments, but it always had hand-me-downs like  the 7-Series. Genuinely, we would rather like to play with the 3-Series on a Saturday evening.

Imagine how tough this 2017 BMW 5-Series will need to yell for the attention.

Its first mission will be to persuade mid-size luxury customers that it’s on the high expectations of other people.

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Volvo S90 are something like technological warships. So as banks of self-driving tech and touchscreens packed all around an engine and four wheels or five if you count the steering wheel.

For that stupid duty, the BMW 5-Series comes to the table well armed.

The 5-Series’ system has no less than five different methods for input, also with touchscreen, voice control, rotary knob, touch input, and Gesture Control. That’s borrowed from the 7-Series. The group of sensors for fingers for turning up the volume, changing radio stations or skipping tracks by waving, wagging, dragging or winding fingers near the touchscreen.

Lot more useful is the 10.2-inch touchscreen placed into the dash that shows media, navigation, car settings, and Apple CarPlay, if it’s connected. BMW’s capitulation that its iDrive touchpuck need to have additional help that makes a so many differences. The touchscreen is keen, easily responses, and the only way to run Apple CarPlay—Audi. Accidentally, the 5-Series is also one of the first vehicles that are running CarPlay wirelessly. It makes them different from other systems that are easy to use. Still, BMW doesn’t allow the interface use all the screen’s real estate.

The 5-Series made 75 percent larger display than the last version

Out of what’s at hand, the 5-Series made 75 percent larger display than the last version. Apps are placed into the infotainment system much better than any other producer’s efforts so far; and active lane control is keeping the 5-series in line for more than 30 seconds when hands are off (closer to 45 seconds) before bringing you back your attention.

Besides all that, we’d like that you drive the 5-series instead.

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