Belgrade car show

11th Belgrade Car Show

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DATE: 24th March – 2nd April

WORKING HOURS: 10am – 8pm,  2nd april till 7pm


The International Car Show officially opened at the Belgrade Fair on 24th March, and it lasts until 2nd April. A total of 34 automobile brands from 30 countries, and number of worldwide exhibitors that are interested in this car event increases every year. You will be able to see many famous brands including the most luxurious ones like Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Mercedes and BMW, will exhibit their cars.


The exhibition area has 41,000 square metres. This year is expect about 140,000 visitors. Danka Selic, director general of the Belgrade Fair, said that three halls had been reconstructed for this year’s car show. It will have the slogan “Years Go By – Passion Remains”.


“Car importers and distributers will present 67 new models, with 32 of them having their premieres”, said Danka. She also believes that the visitors would be fascinated with Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge and Mercedes S-Maybach.


Milos Petrovic. president of the Serbian Association of Importers of Vehicles and Vehicle Parts, says that the Belgrade Car Show does not straggle behind its counterpart in Geneva. He said that all the vehicles that were exhibited at the Geneva Car Show will be also exhibited in Belgrade.


The car and the motorcycle show will be opened for visitors from 10am to 8pm, only  2ndApril they will close at 7pm. The individual tickets cost 300 dinars, group ones 200 dinars, and for pupils and students 150 dinars.


Also the 11th Motorcycle, Parts and Equipment Fair called MotoPassion will happen after the 53rd Belgrade Car Show.


Transfer guide for ones who are coming by car

If your car is registered and insured in an country from EU you don’t need a green card. In other case, check if your Green Card has an uncancelled “SRB” box. Coming in from Hungary, the over the Szeged/Horgoš border is famous for its stuffines. If going over the border from Hungary, you should try the Tompa/Kelebija crossing point. It’s about 20km west, or the recently opened Backi vinogradi/Asotthalom crossing point. Same thing when you’re coming from Croatia. You may want to  go over the border at Tovarnik/Šid instead of Bajakovo/Batrovci, and from Macedonia at Pelince/Prohor Pčinjski instead of Tabanovce/Preševo.


You should also know  that vehicles overtaking on undivided highways will often use the “middle lane” that is not official so be careful.

Police are always located at major junctions or at underpasses for controling traffic and speed. Drivers usually warn each others of a police presence by flicking the high-beams couple of times. Police interceptors patrol all bigger highways. Drivers speeding and aggressive driving are stopped. Speeds of up to 120 km/h zones are usually, tolerated, but not always.

Be aware that the traffic law is severe. Persons under age of 14 mustn’t ride in the front seat, seat belts are neccessary for those who sit in the front. Blood alcohol content is limited to 0.03%. Fines are from €30 for smaller violations up to 60 days in prison and even  €5000 for causing a  bigger traffic accident. IMPORTANT INFORMATION! If you drive on country and local roads, be careful with the bicycle riders, tractors and other large agricultural machines, especially when it’s dark! They can be without right light signalization and they are hard to see, so be careful and drive slow at night.

Highway tolls cost about 0.03€/km and you can pay it in Serbian dinars, Euros or by Mastercard/Visa. They are charged by road section, so you can pay more if you use only a part of a section.

Fuel (gasoline/petrol, diesel and liquefied petroleum gas) is abundant and of EU quality, not like 20 years ago. Prices are pretty similar to those in surrounding countries, it is a bit cheaper than Western Europe, but on the other side very expensive compared to North America.

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