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These are the 10 most popular cars in video gaming

Here we have some of most popular cars in gaming world. We’ve been researching a little bit to find out which cars have been mostly used in video games. There’s a variety of models. We have abstracted 10 most popular used by far. Read this arcticle to find out which models are most popular also as in which game they’ve been used.


  1. Nissan Fairlady Z

Nissan has had a massive presence in video gaming for a long time, and their Z cars tend to get a lot of love from gamers in particular. The newer 350Z and 370Z have been a highlight in several newer games, especially recent releases in the Need for Speed franchise, but here we’ve pictured an older Z from 2013’s Grid 2.


  1. Acura NSX

Even the not-quite-yet-released new 2016(?) NSX has found its way into games like Gran Turismo 6, as has pretty much every other iteration of the car. According to the IGCD, you can drive NSXes in some 194 different video games. (Pictured, a 2005 NSX from Shift 2: Unleashed.)


  1. Volkswagen Golf


Believe it or not, the Volkswagen Golf has actually seen its fair share of action on the console-connected small screen. You can even drive the specially tuned Golfs from B.C.‘s HPA Motorsports in Gran Turismo! Pictured is a ’76 from World of Speed.


  1. Toyota Celica

Examples from across the Celica’s lifespan have made it into video games, but the most popularly adapted variant might be the GT4 rally car of the early 1990s. The car was an absolute star of the Sega Rally series, and even had its own model-specific game, Toyota Celica GT Rally from 1990. A Celica from Gran Turismo 6 is pictured.


  1. Dodge Charger

It should be no surprise that one of the most popular models from movies and TV is also up there in the video game realm. While you’ll find a handful of new Charger SRT-8s in games, everyone wants to drive the classic ’68 or ’69 R/T, according to IGCD’s data. A ’69 from Driver: San Francisco is pictured here.


  1. Toyota Supra

The Mk. IV generation Supra is the most popular one in the video game world (and probably in the real world, too) though the Mk. III isn’t unpopular either. This one’s from Forza 4.


  1. Nissan Silvia

When it comes to Japanese-market Silvias, its the Mk V that gets all of the attention, in part because of its role in anime franchises like Initial D. Speaking of, here’s the Silvia from the TV how/1999 video game.


  1. Honda Civic

Game developers know that, besides the obvious drool-worthy dream cars, gamers most like driving virtual representations of their actual car. That helps explain why the Civic is so high up on this list—because it’s also pretty high on real-world sales charts. That’s an ’86 from Forza Horizon.


  1. Mazda RX-7

There are 365 virtual variants of RX-7 you can drive in a hundred of different video games, says IGCD’s data, one for every day of the year. Different versions from throughout the model’s lifespan are all pretty popular. And new mode look WOW…


  1. Chevrolet Camaro

As with the Charger, the iconic version of this muscle car everyone seems to want to drive is the ’69. We remember it most from the hours spent driving it in Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition.


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